Top #6 Things to Watch Before Buying A Smartphone


Every year smartphone companies achieve a new target in selling their smartphones every year nowadays smartphones is a thing which comes to the basic needs of every human being living on this planet whether it is the child, men or an old person. Everybody needs a smartphone but every year smartphones manufacturer introduces new features in their product due to which there are tons of smartphones are sold every year.  But do you know? there are 2 types of smartphones buyer  lets talk about the first type of smartphone buyer this kind of buyer have the full knowledge of smartphones and they always try to get the best smartphones under their budget and after using it for 1-2 months they resell it and buy the new one and the same process happen again & again. And now about the 2nd type of buyer basically these type of buyers are amateur or a beginners means these kind of buyers comes in the list of those who don’t have the proper knowledge especially like the school children who take their first smartphones after passing their high school and then those persons who don’t have time to think about the features of smartphones because of their stressful office life because of which sometimes they made a bad choice in buying a smartphones . so don’t worry after reading this you will never make a bad choice in buying a new smartphone. So the things which must be checked before buying a smartphone are :

#1: The Weight of the Model of the Smartphone

We are not living in that old time when the smartphone is of 1kg and that doesn’t even fit in the pocket of our trousers and shirt. So there is no need for picking up the heavyweight smartphone the ideal weight of a smartphone must be between 140g- 200g and there is no proof which shows that the smartphone with heavy weight is good in performance and features. So don’t be a fool next time when you go for buying a smartphone.

#2: Camera Quality of the Smartphone

Now a days every smartphone brand whether its Apple or Samsung are introducing  some new features and upgrades for the improving  the camera quality and now there are too many choices of smartphones available in the market which are good in camera quality but before buying any of the smartphone just the name of the brand of the phone and ask about the performance of the phone from the sells men Because there are some companies in the market who offers the best camera quality but those are not good in the performance.

#3: Battery Backup of the Phone

It is the most important thing which must be checked before buying phone because the smartphone runs on battery and how long your smartphone works after a single charge and also check the manufacturer of the battery and the MAH of battery more MAH will give you more battery backup and now some of the phones are coming with the feature of the flash or fast  charging by which the battery of the phone will charge to 50%-70% in just 30min. This feature will help those who don’t have time to charge their phone to 100%.

#4: Affordable Price

Some of the people believe that if they invest good money in buying the smartphone then they are making a good decision but not all the expensive smartphones are good so, from next time just try to find the good phone which comes at an affordable price and it should not give a heavy load

On your wallet, because not everybody can afford big brands smartphones so, try to make a smart choice while choosing your phone.

#5: The Processor of the Phone

If you don’t want  to get stuck in your life then read this point carefully basically processor of the phone is known as the heart of the phone and how fast your phone works depends on the processor of the phone some of the manufacturers gives the average type of processor in their phones and they demands a handsome price for the best processor smartphone but don’t worry not all the manufacturer are greedy for money so just check the type and name of the processor before purchasing otherwise you have to wait a lot just for opening a single app in your phone. The best processor name which is available in the market this time is Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

#6: Internal memory and RAM

Many of the people may know about the purpose of internal storage & RAM in the smartphone if you don’t know let me tell you the main purpose of RAM & internal storage in smartphones.

The purpose of RAM is it stores all the supportive data and files which are required before launching an application for ex: if you launch a game in your phone then RAM will load all the supportive files first and after that your game will be launched  these supportive files are graphics of games, network connectivity & motion sensing of the device. So, just check the smartphone RAM is of how many GB more GB will help you in launching your app faster. And now about the internal storage, the internal function is simple it allows you to store your all personal and professional things in just one device so you can check them anywhere you want.

Note: At the time of buying a smartphone try to get at least 3 features as listed above.

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