Vita Balance’s Water Off Reviews 2018: Excess Water Removal Pills


Water off is an oral product that helps to remove excess of water from the body due to medication, gravity, or may due to hot weather. Water off supplement relieves the body from unwanted puffiness, bloating, weight fluctuation, and bulge around neck, hands, and feet, pain at the swelling site and so on.

Water is a basic and necessary need of life, who thought that water becomes the reason behind the unease and pain in the body.

What is Water Off?

Water storage is a common issue that can develop a trouble if not cure on time. Water retention is the term for the fluid that accumulates in the gap between tissues in the body. Our lymphatic system exhausts fluid from the tissue back to blood but if the lymphatic system doesn’t work properly due to much load for many reasons, in that condition you feel heavy, tired, less active this uneasiness is known as water retention.

In the initial stage of water Retention, daily routine lifestyle changes such as a little bit of exercise, compression sock, and avoid salt from the diet may help. Water off is made with all natural ingredients of herbal origin which work in harmony with the body physiology. Water off is a supplement that can easily adapt to routine life to cure the problem of water retention without having any side effects such as dehydration, muscle weakness, cramp, and electrolyte imbalance.

Active Ingredients of Water Off?

Water off by Vita Balance is a Capsule formulation supplement that helps to accelerate the body process to remove the excess of water without causing any deficiency of salt and minerals.

The active ingredients of water off are given below:

  • Bachu Extract
  • Uva Ursi
  • Dandelion Root
  • Juniper berry extract
  • Vitamin B6

The details of the natural ingredients of herbal origin are given below:


it is a small wood plant which is found in South Africa. Its leaves and oil both are used in many body ailments including relief in sign and symptoms of water retention. The Bachu extract contains flavonoid which helps in fast removal of excess water from the body.

Uva Ursi

it is a herbal product with several benefits regarding inflammation, edema and water retention in the body. There are two main constituents: arbutin and hydroquinone which delivers anti-bacterial properties. Uva Ursi contains tannins, which helps in swelling and pain related to water retention.

Dandelion Root

This perpetual herb is known as weed whose all parts are edible and beneficial as a diuretic, tonic and a stimulant. It is an official ingredient for the cure of edema by the German Commission. The Dandelion root extract removes the excess of water from the body, tightens the muscles that are the reason it is the most favorite ingredient among bodybuilders. Another important benefit of the extract is that it does not reduce potassium from the body, which makes it the best choice among diuretic agents. Apart from benefits, there are also side effects of Dandelion Root Extract that is stomach upset, allergic reaction and diarrhea. Person with a gallbladder issue and using Potassium-sparing diuretics or any other medications should consult with their doctor.

Juniper Berry Extract

It is a habitual medicine for the cure of symptoms edema and bladder infection. The extract has the diuretic effect because it contains flavonoids, volatile oil and tannins. It is advised to avoid any supplement which is containing juniper extract during kidney infection or water retention because it would put the workload on the kidney causing wear and tear of the condition.

Vitamin B6

The deficiency of vitamin B6 may show many signs and symptoms, one of which is water retention. According to the survey about 30-40% of adults, especially women suffer from the deficiency of B6 due to which many problems happen that is puffiness, bloating,  weight gain and water retentively. The product which a contain VitaminB6 in addition to other natural ingredient is very helpful in curing water retention.

Benefits of Vita Balance’s Water Off:

Our body composed of 60% of water for the proper functioning of the different organs of the body. By any case quantity of water exceeds due to inflammation, disease, diet and environmental toxins it may cause edema, puffiness, swelling and bloating. Water Off contains all those remedies which help to cure all these symptoms and help in the process of weight loss too.

 There are several benefits of using water off supplements are given below:

  • Reduce joint pain and stiffness
  • Improved overall health status
  • Increased metabolism
  • Helps in fat burning effects
  • Loss water weight
  • The decrease in water retentivity
  • Muscle build up

What Makes Water off Different?

Here are some points that make water off different:

  • All ingredients are the natural or herbal origin
  • Ingredients not only help in water reducing action but also cure inflammation which is the main cause of swelling
  • Manufactured by the US in cGMP certified facility
  • The supplement doesn’t require any prescription
  • Rapid Result

Side Effects

Vita Balance Water Off supplement all natural ingredients but all ingredients are not safe they have some serious effects also. Research has exposed some side effects of Dandelion and Juniper Berry Extract. Manufacture of Water off requested to all the users to consult the physician before using the supplement. The supplement doesn’t offer any money back guarantee or free trial. The supplement doesn’t provide any certification

How to Order?

Water off is currently available at the official site. There is the dissimilar package of water off the supplement.

  • The single bottle cost $23.95
  • Two bottles cost $42.94
  • Three bottles cost $63.92 with a free bottle

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