Swiss Bliss Bra Reviews (Updated 2018): Top Quality ‘Shape and Support’ Apparel


The Swiss Bliss Bra is an innerwear with a special design that can provide support without the need for the painful underwire bra.  The design of the bra made up aloe Vera and bamboo fabric which helps to keep you cool. Each is breast is separately lifted and shaped. It also helps to improve the posture. Swiss Bliss Bra is designed for all body types from pretty to full figure.

What is Swiss Bliss Bra?

Any women need to wear a pain underwire Bra to support their shape. Since most of the women do not know about the correct bra and bra companies, it can be difficult to find one that supports Bust Shaping & Posture.

If by chance someone finds the correct bra, but their hormones and weight keep changing throughout the month. The creators of the product Swiss Bliss Bra believe their product help in all phases without any difficulty which is due to the normal bra.

What is makes it different from other Bra?

Although Swiss Bra looks like a Sports bra, the difference is that customer can wear it like any top. The bra also does not contain any painful underwire to support and lift the breast, but still, it gives an attractive shape. The bra is designed in such manner to keep correct balance of comfort and coverage.


  1. The Swiss Bliss bra contain thick straps, so customer don’t have to worry weight around shoulders
  2. Straightens the posture with perfect support
  3. Reduce back pain
  4. Women feel comfort from the tenderness of large breasts
  5. The use of Aloe Vera and Bamboo Fibers, the material of the bra is amazingly comfortable. Women can use it without feeling uncomfortable. Women of all body types can wear this special design bra because it adjusts to all users’ figure.

What makes it Special?

The Swiss Bliss Bra has no clasps and has no Hooks. The special thing in Swiss Bliss Bra is that there is only need to adjust the strap lengths for their desired lift for the breast.

How to Order?

The customers can place the order from its recommended official website The video indicates that customers can visit their website to make their purchase.

The consumer can purchase their sizes from small to XL. Customers also have the option to place an order from their Helpline No. 1-800-416-5921.


The total cost of the Swiss Bliss Bra is $39.99; by purchasing one Swiss Bra get one free. The Swiss bra is available in all sizes from Small to XL. The Swiss Bra is available in two colors Nudge and Black.


The special designed Swiss Bliss Bra is meant for everyone for all body type, cup size and even age, it is not designed for a particular body. Women with large breast will no longer have to feel pain and hesitate, because of the fat near the chest.  However, the website is not available for this product, but there is a chance that customer no longer purchases it.