Swannies Model X Reviews: Created for Men & Women to Improve Sleep Quality


As we all well know, sleep is significant to your daily ability for proper body function and route of information. When our body is suffering from tossing and turning at night it gives different responses due to lack of sleep in different ways, the most common results are irritability, lack of concentration and decision-making skills, exhaustion, reduced immune system, and overall bad mood. During sleeping hour our body is repairing physically and rebuilding the cellular damage caused from the prior day. As the body renews, hormones and growth are also keeping pace.

From this review, we would like to introduce an alternate new product for those users who looking for safer and alternative method for the good sleep at night. The product, known as Swannies Model X may helpful for men and women for good sleep at night without no more tossing and turn in the night.

About Swannies Model X

Swannies Model X is the latest specially design eyewear for both men and women. It helps to fall asleep easily. Our body uses blue light from the sun to regulate your natural sleep and wake cycles; this process is known as circadian rhythm. The main reason behind the lack of sleep is an artificial source of blue light which emits from electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs and LED lights.

These new eyeglasses are specially designed to give users a restful sleep at night without any discomfort. Swannies Model X The Blue Light Blocking Glasses are stylish, comfortable, and their effectiveness is scientifically proven.

Suggestion for Use

Simply wear these eyeglasses for the last hour before going to sleep, performing regular activities, and remove them just before going to bed. The specially designed specs will help to reduce eye strain and help users to relax.

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Working Process

Before purchasing any product, it is very important to how it works. In this way, consumers can verify that they are choosing the right product.

Swannies Model X functions by way of the innovative lenses, whose main function to “filter out blue light” on the visible wavelength spectrum that has been known to disorder one’s sleep levels. These eye lenses then allow another form of light to be transmitted so that users can do whatever activity they want to do throughout the day. Users should also aware that blue light has been predictable to influence a wide range of health conditions to include metabolic disease, diabetes, and weight gain.  These eye lenses Filter out the blue light as needed may be able to lead a better quality of light.

Price of Swannies Model X Glasses

The Blue Light Blocking Glasses are going for $55 and up. The company says that the estimated delivery of the specs expected in August. If consumers are unsatisfied with this product, then there is 100% money back guarantee.

  • Buy 1 Get 38% OFF

Cost $69.00 $55.00

  • Buy 2 Get 45% OFF

Cost $138.00 $97.00

Global Shipping Charges:

  • United States: $6
  • Canada and Europe: $12
  • Other Countries Around the World: $20

The benefits of Swannies Model X

Here are the main benefits of this Blue Light Blocking Glasses which are as follows:

  • First, the product features innovative lenses which help to filter out the harmful blue light. With the regular specs, users will notice a less reduction of a sleeping issue.
  • Second, Swanwick Sleep is fully registered and authorized by the FDA to import and distribute remedial devices in the USA and all our products are FDA compliant.
  • Third, the specs are very easy to use and handle.
  • Fourth, the product is available in one size which is fit for all.

The Swannies Model X Blue Light Blocking Glasses are beneficial for young entrepreneurs, overworked employees, people with the anxiety-related sleep disorder, gamers, college students pulling all-nighters, night workers and new parents.

Further, on using the specs users will experience high energy levels, more productivity, and stronger cognitive performance by sleeping satisfactory throughout the night without any tossing and turning.


Finally, those users who interested in specs that may work well to promote a better night’s sleep can consider a Swanwick sleep to their daily routine.

“Your future depends on your future,

So Go to Sleep”