Sonic Guardian Personal Alarm Reviews (Updated 2018), Price & Uses


What is The Sonic Guardian?

The Sonic Guardian is a personal alarm for the security of the women, children’s, adults and all of those users who use it for their security. Sonic Guardian uses a powerful sharp sound to keep you and your family safe from another statistic.

This product is inspired by the military for the self-protection of users. The sonic Guardian uses an ear piercing sound (Over 130 decibels) to detect bad guy, According to the survey, Every 5 minute a woman is assaulted, and every 10 minutes that victim is a child.

The Sonic Guardian Personal Alarm activates by pulling the pin and produces a siren alarm that’s louder than a jet engine. It is so quickly become the most wanted device in America.

How does it work?

  • Extreme Loud Sound Engine (Over 130 decibels)

The sonic Guardian is activated by pulling the pin and produces the siren alarm. The sonic Guardian siren alarm is similar to a military jet engine taking off from an aircraft carrier, and louder than the jackhammer or ambulance siren.

  • Powerful LED Light

Convenient built-in security LED light help the user in the dark and at night. Swiftly find keys and locate doors and locks. No more standing in the dark searching!

  • Attachable

Smart keychain design of Sonic Guardian allows you to take it anywhere. You can attach it to your bag, purse or jacket to be ready in any brutal situation.

  • Easy On/Off Button

Easy on/off button is easy to press in a violent situation.

  • Military Inspired Design

The Sonic Guardian Designed by the military after a powerful military crowd control device called an LRAD.

Sonic Guardian

Who needs a Sonic Guardian?

  • For Senior Citizen: The Sonic Guardian is must have for senior citizen because they aren’t as strong as they used to be, and can’t always call for help or defend themselves. The device is perfect for senior citizens who want to stay protected.
  • Prevent Animal Attack: This personal alarm is perfect for stopping animal attacks and force the animal to run into another direction.
  • Self-protector for Children: Give to your children to protect themselves against the adult. With the Sonic Guardian, all they have to do is hit a button and all the good people around them will come and rescue your child.
  • Women who walk alone: There are over 100,000 women assaulted per year in the US. Although we think in a safe world, the reality is you can’t trust anyone. The sonic Guardian is a perfect device for women who travel alone.
  • Take it with you on Hike: if you are going for a hike, and want to protect against the wild animals then Sonic Guardian is the perfects solution.
  • For college student: sending your daughter to college is a very scary thing in this insecure world. A sonic Guardian is perfect for the college student who will be walking around campus in the dark, going for parties, etc.

How to order Sonic Guardian Personal Alarm?

Costumer can purchase The Sonic Guardian from its official website.  If the costumes are not satisfied by using this device then there is full 100% money back guarantee.