SlimX Band Reviews: How Does Fitness Tracker Features & What is Price?


With people turning to be health conscious day by day, technology did not fail in helping them. It has come with many types of equipment to track health. The advancements are so fast that it is not necessary to go to the doctor office to check your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, etc. Things have become even more portable than before, and fitness can now be tracked right in your hand. Yes, SlimX Band is a fitness tracker band that helps you track your health daily on the go. It has many satisfied customers, and it is the success of the fitness tracker.

About SlimX Band

It is a fitness band that can be worn in your hand throughout your day. It collects data of your heart rate and your body’s movement. It comes at the price of $89, which is much affordable compared to many other fitness bands available in the market.

Features of SlimX Band:


The SlimX band has shown great interest in the design of the fitness band. It comes with the touch screen display and sits quite well at the center of your wrist. Even in the direct sunlight, the band is clear enough to see the number of steps you have walked. The band is also waterproof so you can wear them while swimming and it does get hurt. It is durable, and you can wear it in the hot sun or the rain without any problem.


SlimX Band is the best value for the money fitness band that is now available in the market. It is available in different colors like rocket red, beautiful blue, and graphite black. You can choose to have a traditional black or trendy blue and red bands. 


The bands with the device are of good quality, and it lasts for a long time. It is made up of special Thermoplastic elastomer which is a kind of rubber. If the band that comes with the SlimX band is damaged, you can procure it from online or any electronic stores as you do for any other bands. The body of the SimX band is made with excellent quality plastic. 


The Slimx band comes with an excellent battery life, which is a big hit among its customers. Even on regular usage, the standalone band has shown to lasts up to 10 days. 


The band is smaller to fit on your wrist rightly and is very useful. It has in itself heart rate sensors and accelerometer to track your daily activities from the time you wake up to your sleep and throughout your sleep as well. It shows your heart rate whenever you need to. You can pair it with your phone as well. By doing so, this SlimX band can show you notifications when you receive a message or a call. Using SlimX band, you can dismiss a call, go through your messages right in your band, etc. It also alerts you if you are sitting idle for a long time.

Price of SlimX Band

The original cost of the Slim X band USD 180. However, a 50% flat discount available in summer sale and if you order it today to need to pay only USD 89, without using any coupon code.

Where to Buy?

SlimX Band helps to track heart rate, calorie burn & steps. It is available for sale in US, UK, Spain, Austria, België, France, Italy, Nederland, Portugal, Slovakia. Due to the high demand of the fitness band, they are selling it on the official site only. So, you can buy it in above-mentiond countries by visiting the Official Website.


The SlimX band is just more than a simple fitness tracker. It helps you reach your fitness goals much faster than ever. You can buy this band from the official website. Order your pack today!

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