Medical Science: New Single Blood Test to Find 8 Type of Cancer in Early Stage


Cancer is a group of disease which involves abnormal growth of cells. Cancer cells size is bigger than the normal cell functioning in the body. These cells are not able to work properly. These cells are very much capable to appear in all different parts of our body.

When cancer starts spreading out throughout the body, the name was given to cancer from the starting part from where cancer starts, for example, kidney cancer starts from the lungs but commonly it is known as kidney cancer, not Lungs cancer. All types of cancer are transfer to different parts of the body through cells. In every type of cancer, the cell present in it has its particular speed or high speed.

Cancer is that kind of diseases is happen to children’s, adults, men or women. Nowadays this disease is spreading all over the world.22% cancer death is due to the use of tobacco. And 10% is due to obesity, improper diet, lack of physical activities or consumption of alcohol. Other factors involve infections and pollution in the environment. In our developing world, 20% cancer death is due to some kind of infections like such as hepatitis B, hepatitis Cand human papillomavirus infection.  Nearly 5-10% cancer is due to inherited genetic defects from person parents.

At Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center all researchers have announced that the detection of cancer through the Blood Test.

In another experiment by Japanese Team with the help of , Now they are able to find 13 verites of cancer, by testing single drop of blood. They can detect: 

Prostate, Stomach, Pancreatic cancer, Bone and soft tissue tumors, Esophageal, Glioma, Liver cancer, Ovarian, Colorectal, Bladder cancer, Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Biliary tract cancer