RoadCam HD Cam Reviews & Features: Buy 2 Get 1 Free in $69.95 Only!!


RoadCam HD car camera captures HD video of the travel period automatically. In case of accidents, the camera recordings can show the real picture of what happened.

Accidents due to reckless driving are nothing new. People injure themselves in the nastiest manner and some accidents even become fatal. Most of the time, the culprit goes away free as there is no proper evidence of reckless driving and the victim has to suffer the whole brunt – right from physical injury, pain, to traffic citations and legal fees. Such accidents might also lead to staining of your reputation in the society through the accident might not be your fault in any way. It is just that there is no proper evidence in favor of you.

What is RoadCam HD?

RoadCam HD is a car camera which can be mounted at a suitable place in the car. The HD camera automatically records HD videos of the whole travel period. In case of an accident, this camera will be a great proof. The right culprit can be located and there will be no confusion at all. There will be no risks of traffic citations, legal fees or higher insurance premiums if you are not at fault as the camera records all the happenings. Innumerable people have installed this amazing technological innovation in their car and saved hundreds of dollars after the camera proved that they were not at fault in any way.

Latest camera technology is integrated into the RoadCam HD camera. As a result, the camera is able to capture everything with minutest of details. The best thing is that the camera works exceptionally well even at night time. Along with acting as proof of accidents and mishaps, the camera will also record if someone tries to harass you at the car window. You will be able to record an incident of theft or assault easily and help the police catch the culprit.

RoadCam HD

Important features in RoadCam HD camera

  • The camera has high resolution 2.31 inches TFT LCD screen, where videos can be play-backed instantly.
  • Crisp, detailed and full HD footage helps in capturing minutest of details like license plate numbers which is quite distant.
  • Night vision mode for getting precise video recordings at night time too.
  • The precision lens covers 3 full lanes on the road, which is almost 140 degrees coverage. No other brand offers such expansive coverage.
  • The camera has 270 degrees swivel mount and this helps in the recording by turning the camera in almost all directions.
  • The camera has a built-in G-Sensor, which has the capability of automatically detecting an accident even when the vehicle is parked. The recorded is saved so that it remains safe and can be used further.
  • Extremely easy to install and starts functioning at once without causing any kinds of distractions while driving.
  • There is also a Photo Mode in the camera with which still photos can be taken.
  • Storage expansion is also possible in the camera. Optional 32GB MicroSD TF Memory Card can be used for constant recording.

Where to buy RoadCam HD Dash Camera?

Reach to the official website of RoadCam HD camera and place an online order there for the product to be delivered at home.

Price and Offers?

Buy 2 and Get 1 RoadCam HD today. Pay just $69.95 to buy the camera online from the Official website.