Prelief Reviews: The Food De-Acidifier Reduce the Risk of Heartburn & Bladder Pain?


Acid reflux has become pandemic in the world today. We all are advised to eat healthy these days, but what does that mean for senior citizen, and how can they overcome with the heartburn relief? Heartburn is a growing disease for those as they reach middle age. There are little bit changes going on in the body and things are starting to slow down a bit.

Heartburn is usually a sign of Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD). In this condition the stomach acid leaks out of the abdomen into the Oesophagus. Alongside, the other main symptoms of heartburn are a metallic taste in the mouth and difficulty in swallowing. This is a very common issue that affects many people. It is approximate that 20% of the population will suffer from the problem of GORD.

Like thousands of other heartburn sufferers you are probably taking some form of acid reflux treatment to get that much needed relief from the pain and distress that your condition causes.  From this review, we would like to introduce an amazing Acid reducer called “Prelief Acid Reducer”. It helps to reduce food-related acid flare-ups.

What is Prelief Acid Reducer?

It is a drug-free dietary supplement that claims to reduce 95% of acid from top trigger foods and beverages, helps users to enjoy favourite meals without flare-ups. By using this supplement, users can avoid the terrible discomfort, burning sensation, and stomach pain that come with the eating of beverages or with our favourite meal.

How does Prelief Acid Reducer work?

Before choosing any supplement, it is very necessary how it work. Each tablet of this supplement delivers 6.4% of calcium. By choosing fast acting and high quality product users may able to notice the difference to the acid in their system on the consumption of the supplement. Two capsules of prelief Acid Reducer help to reduce the acid, which is enough for the users to remain comfortable after eating acidic foods. However, user can also use the product on the sensitivity of the food.

What are Acidic Foods?

Acidic food are those food that cause more acidity in the body and that users need to avoid or limit. Limiting acidic foods may help to recover bone density, decrease the risk of kidney stones, lower chronic pain, and improve hormone levels. These acidic foods make user fatter, sicker, and weaker which is not good for individual health. Acidic substances have a low pH — the lower the pH, the more acidic, while neutral and basic substances have higher pH levels of 7 or above. Symptoms due to Acidic food include: fatigue, irritability, headaches, recurring infections and dry skin.

Below is the list of some acidic fruits and vegetables:

Fruits pH Value
LEMON JUICE 2.00–2.35
LIMES 2.00–2.80
BLUE PLUMS 2.80–3.40
GRAPES 2.90–3.82
PINEAPPLES 3.20–4.00
APPLES 3.30–4.00
PEACHES 3.30–4.05
MANGOES 3.40–4.80
ORANGES 3.69–4.34
TOMATOES 4.30–4.90
Fresh Vegetables
SAUERKRAUT 3.30–3.60
CABBAGE 5.20–6.80
BEETS 5.30–6.60
CORN 5.90–7.50
MUSHROOMS 6.00–6.70

What makes Prelief Acid Reducer Unique?

Here are a few main qualities that may make this product a suitable go-to solution for acid reduction needs:

  • Prelief is an Original product meant to reduce acid from food and beverages
  • Targets the food – not the body
  • It is Drug-free
  • It is A dietary supplement

Hence, this is product is 100% safe and easy to use. It is formulated with the high-quality and powerful ingredient that help in reducing the acid formation in your system. It doesn’t cuase any adverse side effect to your body.

What are the potential benefits of Prelief Acid Reducer?

Here are the vital benefits of this product so that users know what to look forward to:

  • Works well for most users
  • Made by a quality brand
  • provides a boost in calcium content
  • can reduce acid from various substances, such as coffee and tea
  • Reduces acid quickly when taken with food
  • Provides men and women with relief

How much Prelief Dietary Supplement Cost?

 The price range of this supplement is between:

  • 60 count: $4.95 – 9.50
  • 120 count: $11.50 – $15
  • 300 count: $22.50 – $25
  • Stir-Ins: $14 – $15

If users are not satisfied with the outcomes of this product, then there is 30 days money back guarantee. The website indicates you’ll need to send them a copy of your cash register receipt and UPC code, along with your full name and address, and they’ll send you a refund for your purchase price.

Where to buy?

The interested users can purchase the supplement from online from Amazon website or it is also available nationally at Walgreens. Overall, those users who are interested in a potent and powerful acid-reducing formula may want to give a chance to a Prelief Acid Reducer a chance.

Suggestion for use

Simply Take 2 caplets with each meal, snack or beverage. Each capsule will help to reduce 95% of acid in certain foods/beverages but more can be taken if needed.

If the interested users have any question regarding the supplement then they can contact to the given Phone number 1-800-214-2379.


Painful heartburn could be an indication of more severe health problems. So, if you’re experiencing such problem, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor. Prelief dietary supplement might provide a meaningful relief, based on your specific diagnosis. Hence, it is an easy solution to reduce the acid level in our system.

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