Peak85 Shilajit Reviews: 100% Natural Ingredients in Himalayan Superfood


What is Peak85 Shilajit?

Peak85 Shilajit is a mineral deposit that is pushed out from layers of rock in consecrated Himalaya Mountains. Peak85 Shilajit resin super food which is harvested from 16,000+ ft in the Himalaya Mountains. This product is specially designed to Harness your True Potential. It the key to your health.

It is made up of humus and decomposed plant remains. For millions of years these elements are pressed between the layers of rocks to convert them into a black tar like substance. Peak85 Gold-Grade 100% Organic Shilajit contains load of beneficial vitamins, Minerals, Fulvic acid, and Humic acid which are the components. The Fulvic acid and Humic acid act like a cleanser, they help in removing heavy metals from the body.


What are the Ingredients?

In our body 37.2 cells are presents, as we grow these cells loses their capacity to produce energy.  This problem lead to loss of hairs, aging, and loss of energy, etc. The organic components used in this superfood helps to improve the energy production at its source, the mitrochondria.

By using this supplement your cells “feel more awake, recover faster, and your body will no longer suffer from typical aging symptoms.”

The ingredients used in the manufacturing of the superfood are 100% organic, purified and natural ingredients. The product is created by using 85 minerals which is obtained from the rock of Himalaya Mountains and very hard to find. Along with 85 minerals this ultimate formula also contains: Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Rich- Oxidants, Enzyme Action, and Electrolyte Optimization.


List of Ingredients:

  • Fulvic Acid

Natural Fulvic acid has a huge benefit. It contains all kinds of minerals and metals. This process takes many hundreds of years. It contains 55% fulvic Acid.

  • Humic Acid

This acid contains huge amount of main minerals in it. The right combination of organic compounds united with geological pressure conditions is what makes humic acid s different.

  • Rich Anti-Oxidant

Anti-Oxidants are important for our body because they fight the oxidation process in the body. Oxidation is the normal part of aging process, and the anti-oxidant present in the shilajit fight it.

  • 85 Minerals

As the name showing, Peak85 Shilajit has proven to contain 85 minerals, many of them are very hard to find and much less consume. These minerals have many several qualities toward our body.

  • Enzyme Action

It is the product of thousands of years of plant decay mixed with pressure from mountains. This creates an optimal environment for a massive quantity of enzyme.

  • Electrolyte optimization

Peak85 Shilajit is known as a best source of fulvic acid, which is the most controlling form of natural electrolytes. Electrolytes help with recovery and energy levels via cellular balance.


Direction for use

The best way to consume the purified Shilajit is consumed orally, and dissolves in hot water, tea, warm milk and other drink. Two times per day.

Here is the method to use supplement:

STEP 1. Take a 400gm or pea sized portion of formula on the provided wooden stick.

STEP 2. Dissolve the fomula in warm water, tea or warm milk. It may take 15 seconds.

STEP 3. Repeat this procedure twice per day, every day.

Users notice the change within 2-4 weeks, at most.



There are several benefits of using the supplement:

  1. Shilajit is also known as natural “Himalayan Viagra“. It is capable of increasing stamina, energy and Sexual Drive. The supplement contains main minerals that work on a cellular level to increase libido and treat many cases of erectile disfunction.
  2. Peak 85 Shilajit is a incredible energizer, it was officially used by the USSR military, Olympic, and space teams. It works as a natural recovery solution after a workout and has been used to reduce physical weakness and improve stamina. Iron, copper and nickel help to carry more oxygen in the blood which produces energy.
  3. Copper, manganese, selenium and zinc are all elements of shilajit and play a vital role in healthy skin and hair growth. More than 25% of the mineral complex that manufacture this amazing superfood has been scientifically proven to promote hair growth. This formula reverse the aging process on a cellular level.
  4. Healing of Skin, Organs & Muscles from Wounds, Burns and Bruises.
  5. Anti-Inflammation & Arthritis Remedy.
  6. Promote Strong Bones and joints.
  7. Heart, Blood and circulation.
  8. Brain function, Motivation and attention.
  9. Help in Physical Performance, Energy and physical workout recovery.
  10. Cure Anti-stress, depression and Anxiety.
  11. Cure Blood sugar and Diabetes.
  12. Increase Testosterone & Androgen.


What are the claims of Peak85 Shilajit?

There are some claims and proof by the creators of the product. Here are the some claims about it:

  • It helps to improves the function of Mitrochondria
  • Increase energy, stamina and athletic performance
  • Promote healthy blood cells
  • It promote healthy brain
  • It may help Alzheimer’s
  • It helps in regulating immune system and hormones
  • Cure Diabetes


How to Order?

Improve our life by trying the Peak85 Gold-Grade 100% Organic Shilajit.  This product can be purchased by the customers by visiting its official website.

Offer and Price

  • By purchasing 3 months package get one free and the cost $ 149.96 users can save $89.99.
  • By purchasing 2 month package users can save 20% and cost is $79.96 (Total Saving $19.99)
  • Oredr 1 month package and save $9.96. Buy it in cost is $49.99