Onnit Recovery Protein Reviews (Updated 2018): Ideal Post Workout Formula


Onnit Recovery Protein is a supplement which helps to reassure their muscles after exercise or physical activities. The treatment is available for one-time purchase or it may be your wish for a subscription.


What is Onnit Recovery Protein?

Most of the people know the importance of nourishing their muscles, with the help pre-workout drink they gain the energy and stamina they need during the workout. This is only the first stage of muscle building.

After the routine workout when the person taking the rest, then the muscles release the toxin during the rest pos.ition which cause the muscle cramp and lengthen the recovery process between workouts. To solve this issue, the user can try an Onnit Recovery Protein supplement to nourish their muscles.

The BSCG Certified Drug Free post-workout formula offers the user a new way to nourish the body with the essential amino acids which are important for the body to reload.  There are various ingredients present in the formula, and it is significantly containing less amount of sugar which the user finds mostly in the sports drinks and other products.

After the workout, the user loses lots of electrolytes and other nourishment which should gain with the use of the Recovery Protein by Onnit.


How Onnit Recovery Protein Work?

There are various active ingredients present in the formula which work in a different manner to replenish the body.

Read below about the various ingredients present in the supplement and what role they play in the recovery process.


What are the Ingredients of Recovery Protein?

There are multiple ingredients that the body needs to replenish itself. Those ingredients are:

  • Creatine
  • BCAAs
  • Coconut water powder
  • Colostrum
  • Goat Whey
  • Hemp Seed

Creatine is found in various muscles supplement. It helps to increase the amount of energy that user need to exert and help to support muscle health.

BCAAs are a critical part of the body when we talk about building up muscles tissue. It helps to recover the muscle after the routine workout.

Coconut Water Powder offers a light and good flavor, which is good for the user that wants something heavy in their stomach.

Colostrum is naturally occurring in breast milk of human during the few days of newborn life. This nutrient substance includes a dosage of 5 gram with every portion.

Goat Whey offers a structure that mimics the breast milk of human, instead of focusing on the molecular structure, the user is more likely to process it with more simplicity.

Hemp Seed includes 10gram of protein, which is the fairest source of plant protein available.

Image Source: Onnit.com

How to use Onnit Recovery Protein?

Recovery Protein by Onnit is in the form of powder, so users need to mix it up to consume it. The consumer needs to take 3 scoops of Recovery Protein powder and mix it with 12 ounces of water. However, since the drink doesn’t contain any flavor or taste, so the consumer can also consume it with smoothie and juice.

There is no specific indication about the time; the consumer can take a drink even after completing the workout, which is the best way to take this treatment.

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How to Contact the Creators of Recovery Protein?

If the users have any question regarding the use and order of the supplement then the user can contact the creator of the Onnit. Onnit has a form which users need to fill out at   https://www.onnit.com/help/

If someone needs to reach the Onnit team sooner, they can call at +1 (855) ONNIT-99.

Where to buy?

The post-workout formula available online on official website and Amazon.

Pricing & Offers

When consumer decided to make Onnit Recovery Protein as a part of their daily routine life, Consumers have the option for one-time transactions or for a subscription.

One time transactions will cost $39.95 for a single canister