Mt. Angel Vitamins Brain Boost with Cognizin® Citicoline, Synapsa®, Nootropic


What is Mt. Angel Vitamins Brain Boost?

People have been on the lookout for cognitive improvement from so many years. Here comes the solution, Mt. Angel Vitamins Brain Boost which is similar to the nootropic product available in the market.

About Ingredients

The Mt. Angel Company is yet to release the full list of the ingredients used in this supplement. Just like the other cognitive similar products ingredient, Mt. Angel Vitamins Brain Boost contains Bacopa Monnieri branded Synapsa from PTL health solution and Cognizin Citicoline ingredient from Kyowa Hakko. These two components help in the functionality of the cognitive-related health issue.

A unique formulation dubbed as Nootropic DMNAE by the Mt. Angel Company to increase the operation power of the brain and provide it required needed protection against common neurological risks.

How effective are Nootropics?

In the past years, Nootropics have been receiving so much of attention of the innovators across the world; it may be due to benefits and risks with continuing use of drugs and products with the Nootropic content.

In 2016, a warning was issued to the public on the misuse of the Nootropic related drugs by the American Medical Association. According to them, people use Nootropic related drugs to gain better cognitive health function doesn’t necessarily guarantee its success.

Most of the Nootropic drugs are verified by FDA for the treatment of the hyperactivity disorder. The condition is most common among the school students to improve their memory to retain whatever they taught in school.


What are the benefits of Brain Booster?

There are various benefits of using Mt. Angel Brain Boost which are given below:

  • Ultimate protection of brain toxin
  • A brain can function better to enable you to grasp idea quickly
  • Solve complex problem quickly which usually take a long time
  • The product main active ingredient Nootropic DMNAE helps to focus on the major and minor issue no matter how complicated they seem. So with this product, you don’t need to worry about the poor memory which adult face.


Why should you buy Mt. Angel Vitamins Brain Boost?

Though the product promises a lot of benefits to its consumers, it’s not yet clear as it contains any side effects. Therefore we request you to take your own time before purchasing the Mt. Angel Vitamins Brain Boost Product.


Price & Offers

If the users are interested in the product then they can order from its official website. The product starts goes from cost $ 59.99 which is a good beginning.



The aim of the N supplement is to safeguard user against the memory loss and promise to give outstanding brain functions. Overall, the product is ideal for the individual facing the cognitive issue.