Mr. Magic Reviews: First Ever Powder to Liquid Handwash by Godrej Protekt


About Mr. Magic Handwash

Washing hand is good and hygiene habit. The main reason behind the hand washing is to remove dirt, soil, and microorganism which can cause harm. Cleaning action of hands before medical care can prevent the minimize spread of diseases. People should wash their hands properly before touching their sensitive parts like the nose, eyes, and mouth; if they don’t wash them properly then they suffer from respiratory diseases like common cold, cough, and influenza.

Washing hand with liquid soap is beneficial than bar soap. In bar soap, every other person uses the soap their unhygienic hands which transfer bacteria or microorganism to another person which result in bacterial infectious diseases. But in the case of liquid soap, one person can easily press the liquid bottle at one time for hand washing. This procedure is quite safe and hygienically which means any other infected person ca touch the formula or spread bacterial infectious diseases.

From this review, we would like to introduce a new liquid hand wash solution which is featured from 100% natural ingredients which are safe to use for our soft and gentle hands known as Mr. Magic hand wash.

Benefits of Using It

Here are the several advantages of washing hand with liquid sanitizer especially with Godrej Mr. Magic Hand wash which includes:

  • Helps minimize the prevention of bacterial infectious diseases.
  • Prevent from diarrhea
  • Good for travelers
  • Help in the prevention of respiratory diseases
  • Helps in the improvement of hand washing techniques
  • The composition of natural ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Very cost effective in comparison of other hand cleaners


Neem: Neem is a popular medicinal herb which is used almost for 5000 years for the traditional remedies. The leaves of neem contain an anti-bacterial property which is very beneficial in the prevention of skin disease, burn and bacterial infection. Washing hand with neem prevent bad odor, stink and helps to keep hand feels fresh.

Aloe vera: it helps to soothe and heals the skin. It is good for oily skin, dry skin and acne prone skin. It is plants that contain a substance with healing property.

How to use?

Godrej Mr. Magic Handwash comes in powder form which is just Rs 15 packet. The user needs to pour the water into the empty refill and add the Mr. Magic hand wash to the refill. Then shake refill so that water and soap mix and give a perfect solution for hand wash.

To better understand the working; watch the video


If we compare The Mr. Magic Handwash from other hand cleaning products available in the market, then it is very cheap for buyers. The hand wash by Godrej Protekt is available in the form of powder. and You can easily order it from the official website & Amazon. If you want to buy the combo pack of powder & liquid then the price is only 35 INR.

The price of refill (only Mr. Magic Powder) is I5 INR Only.

Final Verdict

Finally, users can try this composition which is the really good choice for cleaning hand.  It is very cost efficient for lower middle class. Those users who are interested can rush to their nearby stores.

Be a Germs Buster, wash your hands


Mr. Magic Hand wash