Opti-Nutra Mind Lab Pro® Reviews: Upgraded Universal Nootropic Available in Market


About Mind Lab Pro®

At London, the UK, Human Performance modernizer Opti-Nutra™ Advanced Nutraceuticals has declared its new upcoming brain boost supplement: Mind Lab Pro. 

Mind Lab Pro is a brain supplement which is specially designed to optimize multiple cognitive functions and unlock 100% brain power. Mind Lab Pro is the first universal Nootropic which supports brain health while enhancing focus, memory, learning, stress resistance, relaxation and more. It functions as a whole-brain optimizer. Mind Lab Pro product is formulated in the UK and prepared in the USA by Opti-Nutra.

Why a Universal Nootropic?

The brain is extraordinarily complex, but lots of Nootropic complex are narrow-minded. Some Nootropic supplement target only 2-3 brain pathway only. They may only support focus or just memory. To unlock 100% brain power nootropic supplement remove these defaults and do more.

What are the criteria for choosing Nootropic?

This Nootropic was chosen on the strict based criteria:

  • No theoretical nootropic compound, only evidence-backed nootropic
  • Nootropic with multiple taskers activities, no single-taskers
  • Nootropic that works in the small dose, to fit a broader range in each capsule
  • A synergistic matrix with every nootropic bring unique value, no redundancy

Why was Mind Lab Pro Developed?

The goal behind the Mind Lab Pro® is:

  • Helps with both urgent nootropic performance needs and long-term health and function
  • It avoids all stimulants and additives for a safe and clean formula that’s is simple for everyday use
  • The mental performance increase from day to day and hour to hour
  • It helps everyone perform mentally
  • It functions as the whole-brain optimizer

With these criteria, nootropic optimizes 6-way pathways:

  • Brain Chemistry

It optimizes memory, mood, focus, attention, motivation and more.

  • Brain Energy

It supports mental agility, rapid thinking, focus, and busts brain fog and fatigue.

  • Brain Regeneration

It maintains repairs and nourishes the brain cell for plasticity and healthy growth.

  • Brain Circulation

It clear toxin and improve neuronutrient delivery and help oxygenate brain.

  • Brain Protection

It fights against the toxins and unhealthy structural change that corrupt the brain over time.

Brain Waves

Alpha frequency wave promotes calm alertness for productivity, learning, and creativity.

What are the Active Ingredients of Mind Lab Pro?

The active ingredients used in the formula of the Mind Lab Pro are as follow:


Cognizin is the patented form of Citicoline which help to boost brain energy, attention, focus, memory, neural regeneration and more. It helps to optimize brain pathways than any other nootropic.


Sharp-PS Green is the patented form Phosphatidylserine and it is best known for promoting fluid and flexible brain cell membranes. Sharp-PS Green is premium, eco-friendly and soy-free. It is made from sunflower lecithin.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane help to synthesis nerve growth factor, which in turn promote brain plasticity, memory, mood balance, brain regeneration and overall brain health.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is an ideal nootropic for studying, test-taking, focus, and relaxation. Bacopa Monnieri has 24% active bacosides which support retention of new knowledge while promoting brain chemical synthesis and blood flow to the brain.

The new Mind Lab Pro formula also includes:

  • Vitamins B6, B9, and B12: These vitamins help to regulate high homocysteine levels, which is directly linked to brain circulation problems and it increases the risk of cognitive decline.
  • BioGenesis™ Nature identical: B6, B9, and B12 are present in the new form which is eco- friendly, complex with whole food that helps in nutrient absorption.
  • Maritime Pine Bark: it contains 95% proanthocyanidins which are the strongest potent in the market. It supports brain antioxidant defenses and healthy cerebrovascular function.
  • Suntheanine L- Theanine: it helps to promote a wakeful relaxation with the reduction of caffeine jitters.
  • Rhodiola Rosea:  This help to optimize mind-body performance during high pressure.

What are the benefits of using Mind Lab Pro?

There are several benefits of using Nootropic Mind Lab Pro:

  • It helps the students towards learning, studying, attention, storage and recall
  • The nootropic formula boosts the performance and promotes optimal brain chemistry for willpower, motivation, and intensity
  • It supports the calm mindset, sharp thinking and clear memory across all sports and games to victory
  • It also boosts work performance
  • It also supports for memory, verbal communication, mood and mental clarity
  • Mind Lab Pro help to nourish and protect the brain for long-term healthy function.

What are the Qualities of Mind Lab Pro?

  • No useless ingredients used in the product: 100% brain booster
  • Third party tested and validated
  • Safe, clean, legal and effective
  • 11 research- back brain- booster
  • Patented and advanced nutrient form
  • Clinical range dosage
  • Nature identical vitamins


Mind Lab Pro is a specially designed formula to optimize multiple cognitive pathways. As one Mind Lab Pro nootropic step up to help your immediate mental performance needs and other nootropic continue to optimize your brain in the background. Finally, Mind Lab Pro supplement is the fast-acting brain booster with structural brain nourishment. It supports mental performance now and healthy brain function well into your future.