6 Simple Steps to Hack Your Friends WhatsApp Account


Can we check the WhatsApp activities of our friend, girlfriend or boyfriend? Here is the answer to all your questions regarding hacking the WhatsApp? The multi-phone users can use this trick to use the same WhatsApp on every phone. Now the first question arises in mind that how it’s possible. Here we will show you how to hack your friend’s Whatsapp activities?

Follow the Simple Steps Given Below:

Step 1: Firstly, carry your phone and phone of the friend whose WhatsApp you want to hack.

Step 2: Install WhatScan App on your Android mobile phone.

Step 3: Now open WhatsScan and select the known language to you.

Step 4: After selecting preferred language a QR code will appear on your phone, you need to scan this code from your friend’s WhatsApp QR Code.

How to Get WhatsApp QR Code on your friend’s phone?

  • Hold your friend’s smartphone and open the WhatsApp App.
  • Now open WhatsApp menu (Tap three dots  on right upper corner in your friends’ phone).
  • The few option will come. Go to “WhatsApp Web” option and select it.

Step 5: Now scan the QR Code (see Step 4) showing on your phone by your friend’s smartphone. Point your friend’s phone screen to your phone screen to capture the code showing on your phone.

Final Step: After scanning the QR code your friend WhatsApp will appear in your WhatScan App.


By following above 6 steps you can your friends all WhatsApp activities in your WhatScan App.

If you are in those people who use more than one phone and want the access single WhatsApp account on every phone then this is the best trick for you.