GNC Burn X12™ Reviews: Calorie-Burning Thermogenic and Clinically Proven Formula


What is GNC BURN X12?

We all know that it is very hard to lose weight. Sometimes, everyone needs a little bit of boost up to move toward your target of weight loss. There are various dietary supplements available on the market to control your weight.  The main aim of this supplement is to focus on enhancing the metabolism rate, which burns the calories and results in losing weight. From this review, GNC Burn X12 is the product which helps the user in burning the calories.


What is the GNC Burn X12 Calorie-Burning Ingredients?

The main ingredients used in GNC Burn X12 are caffeine, black pepper extract, and capsicum fruit extract. All of these ingredients are the perfect combination for getting your calories burn rate up through the roof. In fact, the idea is to increase the rate up to 12 times than the normal calorie burning rate.

Benefits of Burn X12™

There are many qualities of using the product such as:

  • Increase the metabolism rate
  • Helps in the burning of calories
  • Effective weight loss supplement
  • Clinically Proven
  • Dietary Capsule


GNC Burn X12 Side Effects

There weren’t any major side-effects listed when the product was introduced, we did come across few costumers who face the problem after consuming GNC BURN X12. Many users said their blood pressure spiked other reported problem of a headache, anxiety problem and increased heart rate but some users said they did not face any problem after taking this supplement.

There is various type of supplement available in the market that used the same ingredients and promise for the better result, the issue is that they are scientifically backed. This doesn’t mean they are not properly but the thing is that they are showing the result too few users only not everyone.


Where can I buy Burn X12™?

The company is known for dietary supplements. The company is located in Pennsylvania and goes by the name GNC Holdings Inc. for some reason; we have found that they are not selling the GNC Burn X12 for the longer time period in their official website(, which is huge red flag or disadvantage.



Theoretically, the ingredients used in this product helps in burning off calories at a high level but we don’t think it is an effective weight loss supplement. There are some people who said that this supplement work in losing the weight, but the problem we have is that this product contains lots of disadvantage popping up when we collect information about it.

Our request is to invest your money somewhere else. There are plenty of dietary supplements available in the market for users’ choice, which gives an effective result for a long term.