FeelVita Blender & 14-In-1 Food Processor Reviews, Price & Where to Buy?


About FeelVita Blender

The FeelVita is a food processor which is a household appliance that can help users to prepare their ingredients without any need of chopping or cutting board. This is food processor work in 14 different functions and is available at low cost.

Anyone who spends a lots of time in their known kitchen that prep work is quiet time consuming and unavoidable.  Prep work takes lots of time from the actual cooking process; it involves many preparation processes like dicing and cutting up of vegetables to beef stews to a stir fry. Most of the individual do this work by hand, because it is too much costly to purchase multiple appliances for different preparation process. However, the FeelVita involves 14 different functions which in the preparation of the ingredient in short time interval, and make the entire process easier.

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The FeelVita Food Processor has 14 different functions which helps the consumers to prepare their ingredients exactly the same that they want. The blades of this processor are incredibly sharp with 400 watt of power.

The blades offer consumers to:

  • Cut
  • Julienne
  • Crush (for ice)
  • Emulsify
  • Whip
  • Process meat
  • Mix
  • Chop
  • Stir
  • Grate

The main difference of this food processor from the other machine is that there are so many different ways to easily prepare food with the same electrical device. The official website of this brand features a demonstration video for the consumers, so that consumers can easily understand the function of the machine.


The total price of the FeelVita Food Processor is $14.99, though the users will need to pay the shipping and handling of the product cost $19.99. When the consumers collect this package they get:

  • A coarse cutting disk that performs two different functions
  • A fine cutting disk that performs two different functions
  • A julienne disc
  • A long shaft
  • A spatula
  • An emulsifying disc
  • A recipe book
  • A motor base with a 1400ml mixing bowl
  • A lid with a feeder
  • A pusher with aroma holes
  • A big blade

If the users are not satisfied with the functioning of the food processor, then they can reach out the customer service. The official website doesn’t appear any  full return policy.

Contacting the Creators

Some users may not be able to get the full information from the brand‘s official website. The consumers can reach out to the customers’ service team by the given informations:

How to Order?

You can buy the FeelVita Food Processor just dialing the Phone number 1800 222 684. Just call the official and they will send you the 30 days risk free trial at your place.


The Food Processor can be used by anyone, even though who think that they don’t have the skills to cook in the kitchen. With the affordable price and plenty of usefulness, this product helps in every ability level for home cooking or professional cooking.

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