Child Rape Punishment: Haryana became Third State to Give Death Penalty After Rajasthan and MP


Chandigarh: Haryana Government passes the bill for the Child rapist in Assemble. The rape convicted will get 14 Years Life Imprisonment or Death Penalty. After Rajasthan and MP, Haryana became the third state to pass the bill of the death penalty for raping girls below 12 years age.

The Madhya Pradesh Assembly had in December, last year passed a Bill awarding death for child rapists.

After that, the Rajasthan State Assembly also passed the bill of the death penalty for the culprits in rape cases involving girls aged 12 years or below. Now Rajasthan has become the second state which passes this bill in his state.

The Rajasthan government took this step after reviewing the crimes against women and girls, in recent times in the state.

According to reports, this bill will aid the justify against women crimes. Now its declared that rapist has to punish either a death penalty or life imprisonment. It was already said by the state government that he will come out with a strict law of awarding death penalty to those guilty of raping girls aged 12 and below.

“We will apply for a strict law to provide for capital punishment for those who found guilty of raping girls aged 12 years or below. Instead of this, we will request to the high court for setting up fast-track courts for dealing such rape cases to ensure speedy justice to the victims,” Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had said.

Khattar said that the police are working with their full power and support, but still, they need a strict law to come over the crimes against women. Therefore, it had been decided to make provision for harsher punishment for rape. In 75% of rape cases, relatives and nearby peoples of victims are found to involved in it. Thus it is the most important responsibility to spread awareness among people and identify such mentality to be secure the life of girls and women in this society.

Haryana Chief Minister also urged to media do not create sensation and rumors by publishing rape reports incidents without verifying the facts.

The Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje-led has become the second state after MP to pass such this bill for raping girls below 12 Years age.

Now the bill will be sent to the Centre and will need the assent of the President to become a law.

We hope the same bill will pass all over India for Girls of every age. Share your opinions in the comment box.