Cognivex Clarity Reviews: Brain Enhancement & Nootropic Support Formula


Cognivex Clarity is a dietary supplement that helps the user to improve the functioning of their brain.  It supports memory retention and increases the production of neurotransmitters.

What is Cognivex Clarity?

The brain has to perform lots of activity during the day.  The brain is used in many different ways like someone is busy in reading books, preparing a meal, or running a business meeting. The brain needs both exercise and nutrition to stay in shape just like every other part of the body. With all the constant exercise, a user must consider a Nootropic supplement like Cognivex Clarity to get the replacement.

Cognivex Clarity pill is supposed to change the following aspects of the brain:

  • Better Concentration
  • More Alertness
  • Increased Focus
  • Improved Brain Energy

There is no indication about the ingredient used in the formula, so it is difficult to say that the product will follow with its promises.  Users may able to find the full ingredient list on the label of the supplement bottle, but they can also reach to customer service to clarify any question regarding the product.

How to use Cognivex Clarity?

Unfortunately, the official website and information provided by the reviewers are fairly silent regarding the proper usage of the supplement.  Since a monthly supply offer 30 capsules, the user can assume they have to take one capsule each day to get the result they want. The best time to take the capsules is in the morning so that the brain keeps working at the elevated level all day long.

Price and Trial Offer

Despite the information available, the consumer will have the chance to purchase the product as a trial first. The trial offer includes a full bottle of Cognivex Clarity supplement, but the user has only 14 days time to see how their body react to the use of this product. At the end of the trial offer period, the user can keep the supplement bottle with them, but they will be charged for the trade value of the product. The user can stop the trial by contacting the customer service when the official website is running up.


Cognivex Clarity brain enhancement formula is meant to improve the performance of the brain. Nootropics have been proven to perform better when the consumer keep balance in the rest of their life as well.