Beetroot for Detoxification, Cancer Prevention & Weight Loss


Beetroot (चुकंदर) are growing well during spring and fall, beets were so well regarded in Ancient Rome and Greece that methods were developed for producing them during the summer months. Ancient Greeks cultivated beetroot around 300 BC. They didn’t  use the roots of the plant and only ate the leaves. Beetroot is also known as table beet, garden beet, red or golden beet and just beet.

Beetroot can be eaten raw and in the salad. Originating in Ukraine, borscht is a beetroot soup popular in many countries of Eastern and Central Europe. In the food industry, beetroot juice is used as the main ingredient. Its purpose is to amplify the color of tomato juice and to give color to sauces, desserts, jams and other food items that are not red enough.



Beetroot contain lot many secrets inside regarding our health benefit. Beetroot contains Calcium and iron which is a good source for the body. It contains vitamin A and C, and an excellent source of folic acid, protein, manganese, potassium, and fiber.



Some of the health benefits of  Beetroot or Chukandar are as follows:

Skin Care

  • Beetroot juice gives acne and pimple free skin
  • Beetroot and glowing skin
  • Skin lighting and fair skin with beetroot
  • Blemishes and dark spots free skin
  • Say no to dark circles under eyes
  • Natural soft lips and pinkish skin
  • Beetroot moisturizes dry skin
  • Remove dark lines from neck
  • Wrinkle-free and ageless skin with beetroot juice

Hair Care

  • Prevent Premature Balding and Hair Loss
  • Relief from An Itchy Scalp
  • As A Hair Mask
  • Prevent Dandruff
  • As A Natural Hair Colour


  • Helps with iron deficiency and anemia
  • Helps with constipation
  • Lowers blood pressure

Other Health Benefits of Beetroot (चुकंदर)

  • Boosts Weight Loss
  • Boosts Strength
  • Improves Digestion
  • Improves Sexual Health
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Boosts Brain Heal


Beetroot is very beneficial for our body health. Chukandar (Beetroot) is good for boosting the immune system of our body. It also good for healthy bones, kidney, pancreas. It also essential for healthy nerve and muscle function.