Android Hyper360 Virtual Camera Reviews & What Are The Features?


There are many types of cameras available in the market today, each of them with different features and added benefits. It used to be different when cameras were simply for point and shoot and capture any memorable moments. With the increasing use of smartphones, almost every person now carry a camera with them. From a single rear camera, nowadays phones not only have an additional front camera but also include many more. However, all such cameras can only capture images or videos in only one direction at a time. Many people are now interested to capture their entire surrounding which can be achieving using a 360-degree camera. With that, I would like to introduce you to Android 360 Camera which may help you capture and explore the world around you.

Benefits of Buying Hyper360 Camera?

What is Android 360 Camera?

Unlike other cameras which can only capture any specific rectangle area, Hyperstech Android 360 Camera allow you to experience life in full 360 degrees. You can carry this 360 camera device anywhere by simply putting it into your pocket. It could easily turn your Android smartphone into a full virtual reality camera and capture the moment you are living in. You can use this modern gadget for both fun and as part of your professional work. It might help you stand out from the crowd and allow to fully immersed in your present and past activity.

What are the features of Hyper360 Virtual Camera?

Due to its attractive and alluring design, it may fit to gift to your friends and family. It is also made with the consideration to last longer and durable quality. This allow you to carry it everywhere you need to capture the moments. This 360 degree camera is developed by Hyper 360° Virtual Reality which allow you to capture all your adventures. Some of the excellent features of the Android 360 Camera are mentioned below.

  • Lens – In order to deliver a crisp and clear quality of videos, this camera makes use of F2.0, dual 210° fish eye lens. This makes it a perfect companion for your trips using the highest quality lenses and allow you to capture better pictures and videos.
  • Shooting Mode – It has dual shooting mode which means you can capture both photos and videos. On top of that, it also allow you to edit and tweak the captured videos to give it a perfect final touch. Or else, you can live-stream using this camera to share your intimate moments.
  • Video – In terms of its video quality, it can capture videos in 30 frames per second (fps). It has the ability to capture with the resolution of 2560*1280.
  • Weight – It is a light device with the total weight of 26.5g or 0.9oz. This makes it more portable and allow you to carry it everywhere you want.

Why Should I Buy Hyper360 Camera?

What are the consumers saying about Android Hyper360 Camera?

Valarie from Texas writes, “I have tried using various leans to capture my moments but I always felt like something was lacking. Then I came to know about the possibility of capturing my experience in 360 degree and was looking for the device which can accomplish that. I came to know about Android 360 Camera and how it is perfect for that use. I have been carrying it everywhere I go, be it any outdoor or indoor locations. Overall, it has definitely added an extra touch to my moments whenever I go back to my captured pictures and videos. I would highly recommended this device to anyone.”

How to buy Android Hyper360 Virtual Camera?

You can order this 360 camera from the brand’s official website. Place your order for Android Hyper360 Camera today and enrich your experience.

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