Top 15 Amazon Alexa Echo Accessories to Make Your Home Smart


Now a days Smartphone’s are not only the smart devices which allows you to do probably most of the things on your fingertips now there are lots of smart gadgets are available in the market and online E commerce websites like Alexa (Echo) and many more but not only a single gadget will make your home and life smarter there are tons of accessories available which will make your home smarter and all the accessories works really great with Amazon Alexa. So, moving forward lets checkout some of the accessories which makes you home look beautiful and smarter.


  1. Amazon Basics 0.7- Cubic Foot Microwave

Amazon always tries to make Alexa smarter now you can defrost vegetables, cook potatoes and reheat your food on your one command all you need is to connect Alexa with the microwave and then you can give a command to start the microwave and switch it off and you can also adjust the temperature on your command and best part is it is very compact and saves your space in the kitchen and it has 10 power levels, kitchen timer, child lock and turntable.


  1. Amazon Echo Wall Clock

The best way to schedule timer it helps you to stay organized and on time this 10-inch digital wall clock comes with 60 LED display shows one or multiple timers. You just have to say have to say Alexa set a 10 minute timer and the countdown will start on the Echo wall clock. And it’s very simple to setup you just have to say Alexa set echo wall clock.


  1. Amazon Smart Plug

If you have a Echo then this gadget will be you first choice this device is smart plug which helps you to control you home appliances and other electrical stuffs on your command when paired with Echo all you have to do is you have to connected this Smart plug in power outlet and it will check whether the device is online or not once it is connected you can ask it to power or on and off your electrical appliances and you control it from anywhere.


  1. Echo Spot Webcam Cover

If you don’t like to keep any camera in your bedroom then this gadget actually the perfect fit for you. In it you gets two covers small and unobtrusive and you can use it for occasionally video call.


  1. Amazon Echo Sub

If you want to take your Echo sound quality to the next level then this subwoofer is the best gadget for you it add more bass to your music experience. It is 8 inch tall and weight around 8 pound and to the digital trends this subwoofer is very good and worth for your money if you buy this.


  1. Ring Stick UP Cam HD

This ring stick up cam helps you to increase the security for both indoor and outdoor it is fully waterproof camera and gives you full 1080 HD images and video and the main features of the camera are it comes with motion detection, night vision, two way audio and built in siren. It also comes in battery powered variant for the areas where it’s hard to reach. The camera works great with Amazon Alexa you just have the Alexa to show what the camera are seeing then it will be casted on you fire TV.  


  1. Phillips Hue Kit

The best lighting option for your home and it glows in millions of colors and thousands of shades of white also comes in it and it is easy to install and it can be operated by giving a voice command to Alexa you can change the color of the light, dim the light and you can turn the lights on and off easily from anywhere whether you are inside home or outside of the home the kit comes with a Hue bridge and a two LED light bulbs.


  1. iROBOT Roomba 690 WI-FI Vacuuming Robot

The roomba is basically built to replace the traditional vacuum cleaner but it will help you to clean your home more effectively without giving any pressure on your head all you need to do is say Alexa ask roomba to start cleaning and the vacuum will start cleaning your home automatically on your command and it will suck all dust, hairs and other dirty stuff inside it and after cleaning it will automatically connect itself for charging which means without adding any extra efforts your home will be cleaned.


  1. Kasa HS 300 Smart WI-FI Power Strip

This futuristic gadget helps you to control all your electronic stuff from anywhere it comes with six smart outlets which can be controlled using Alexa and by your Smart phone easily and it also has 3 USB ports to charge tablets mobile phones and other devices you can set a schedule timer to switch off all the devices at that time and all the devices will be switched off at that time regularly and it also helps to monitor which device is using how much energy.


  1. Ring Video Doorbell 2

It is one of the best feature filled doorbells it wires to the normal doorbell line and delivers you the sharp 1080pixels of full HD pictures do you can see everything outside of you home and you can also watch live feed on your fire TV, computer, laptop and Smartphone. It give a alert message on your Smartphone when someone press the doorbell or someone hits the motion sensor of the doorbell.


  1. Echo Spot Adjustable Stand

It is magnetic stand for Echo spot which ensures your speakers is always in view and increases the height of the spot by 2 inches and lets you to tilt it to different angles it comes with anti slip underside to prevent it from sliding the stand comes in two different colors white and black.


  1. Matone Outlet Wall Mount Holder

This accessory will help you clear off the surfaces and free your home cord clutter it allows you to easily mount the speakers to the outlet.


  1. Echo Dot Owl Statue Holder

This owl statue holder perfectly holds your smart speakers and It has anti slip mat which prevent it from slipping from you counter top or table end the special thing about this design is it doesn’t blocks the speakers or the microphones of the speakers.


  1. Echo Buttons

These two buttons are the perfect fit for the game companions these buttons delivers the new way to interact with Alexa maximum 4 buttons can be paired with Alexa and you can play games like simon, pursuit etc.


  1. Philips Smart HUE Table Lamp

It is best and affordable gadget to add colors to your home it is of 5-inch of diameter and fits in the corner and behind the TV and it gives the beautiful array of color which makes your home looks great.

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