A Complete Guide About Teething Signs & Remedies


The first tooth is a big event in your baby‘s young life, but it can be uncomfortable. Teething generally occurs between 6 to 24 months of age. Teething does not cause serious health problems such as high fever, vomiting, convulsions, and Diarrhoea.

Teething is a painful period for both moms and babies. Due to pain in teeth babies generally, put their figure into their mouth all the time to help soothe their gum.

Signs of Baby Teething

When your baby is around six to 12 months old, it may cut their first tooth. But before the first tooth bud appears, here are some signs of baby teething which includes:

  • Excessive Drooling

This is one of the important signs that mean the baby is teething. Increased drool from the mouth starts around this time as the baby starts to keeps every object in their mouth which may result in your baby having diarrhea.

  • Pain and Discomfort

As we all know that ear, nose, and throat are all connected to each other. When teething starts in babies, they feel the pain in their gums can sometimes manifest in creepy sensations in the ear. To reduce the pain, babies pull their ears continuously, as a result, they used to it.

  • Trouble Sleeping

Pain in the mouth and pressure on the gum doesn’t make the baby fall asleep easily. Due to this baby will constantly be restless and unhappy that it cannot sleep.

  • Increased Bitting and Chewing

In babies when a tooth starts emerging from the gums, they start excessive bitting due to the pressure of eruption of teeth through gums.

  • Lack of Interest in Food

The process of baby teething is very painful for mom and baby, which may cause the baby to be upset. Pain in baby teeth ends up by refusing to eat or drink anything at all.

  • Mild Rashes Around the Mouth

Another effect of drooling is Mouth rash which constantly stays wet which result in irritating the soft skin in the area. There can be mild rashes around the mouth, on the chin, and even the neck or chest areas, wherever the drool might have dribbled down.

  • Gum Sensitivity

 If you look into your baby’s mouth, you will see little tooth buds. These buds will look like small bumps along your baby’s gum which is bruised and sore. If you run a finger over our baby gums,  you will observe the hard tooth underneath.

Note: Fever, Cough, Diarrhea, Cold, Vomiting are not teeting signs. If you found any of this sign in your baby then consult your physician as soon as possible.

Home Remedies for Teething

Here are some home remedies which helps to give your baby relief from teething pain:

  • Cold Wash Cloth

Applying a frozen washcloth helps to soothe your baby gums by numbing them. By giving your baby something thick and spongy wet cloth to chew on which give relief from painful gum.

Note: just wet half side of the cloth so that our baby hand won’t freeze.

  • Cold Fruits

Chewing a cold carrot is a great way to comfort your baby from gum pain. You can also use Plain yogurt, pureed meat, mashed veggies, and fruit are also good options because your baby doesn’t have to chew them.

Note: Pay a close toward your babies because big chunks of carrot can be choking hazard.

  • Teethers

Silicones teething toys and necklaces are best-known toys to soothe the pain by distracting your baby and sucking on them.

Massage for Teething

Gently move your fingertips in a circular motion to gently massage baby’s face, gums, and jaws. Gentle pressure on these areas helps to soothe the babies from teething pain.

Essential Oils

There are three essential oils which help in soothing the babies’ gums which are:

  1. Lavender oil: it is safe for use with babies because it is nontoxic and helps in soothing from gum pain. Take one drop of Lavender and gently massage the blend along the baby’s jawline.
  2. Roman Chamomile: Chamomile is the popular remedy that helps babies to relax from teething pain. Take one drop of chamomile and gently massage over baby gums to give relief from pain.
  3. Coconut oil: coconut oil is one of the most famous carrier oil which is very helpful in soothing your babies from sensitive gums. Dip your figure in coconut oil and gently rub on your baby gum, this gentle pressure on your baby gums help to soothe your baby from pain.
  4. Note: do this only once a day.

Homeopathic Medicines for Teething Troubles

  • Chamomilla 30: if your baby is suffering from diarrhea, lack of sleep, irritation, continuously crying, reduces appetite or green stools then you can give your baby Chamomilla 30.

Dosage: Give 2 tabletsChamomilla 30 to your baby under the tongue, twice a day.

  • Ferrum Phosph 6X: Apart from teething problems, if your baby is suffering from fever, cold, cough and soreness in the throat then you can give Ferrum Phosph 6X to your toddler.

Dosage: Give 2 tablets of Ferrum Phosph 6X twice a day.

  • Calcarea Phos 6X: if your baby is weak, thin or lean and their teething process is not started between 6-12 months due to lack of calcium then you can give Calcarea Phos 6X to your little one.

Dosage: Give 2 tablets of Calcarea Phos 6X twice a day.