9 Fashion Hacks that Help You to Look Slim


One day everyone is feeling like an extra puffy. We cannot do anything about your unnecessary fat that stuck with your body. The best solution to avoid this fat problem is to perform some physical exercise and avoid unhealthy food, start eating up healthy food which includes high fiber, proteins and lots of vitamins.

There are some special occasions or special days when you are trying to look attractive, gossip talk and need to look best, but there is nothing happen instantly. Here is help for you, for your problem regarding dressing ideas which actually make you look slimmer than ever.

  1- Start Wearing Skin Up Tops

Expose little bite portion of your neck with a V-neckline. The more skin is showed between chin and chest, the more stylish your size will seem overall; wider V-necklines help to balance broad hips and thighs. So when you go shopping collect Vs in everything- tanks, Ts, sweaters, cardigans, dresses, and jackets.

  2- Get the Right Pair of Shoes

Legs look slim with a shoe that has a pointy toe and contain at least 2- inch dagger. A pointy toe and thin heel work to widen the narrow figure of calves. Square-toe with a thick chunky heel helps to give the look of a shorter, bulky leg.

  3- Invest in Shape Wear

Shape wear with extra-firm belly control works well worn under shifts and pencil skirts. Purchase the piece of smooth bulges while lifting breasts and the behind.

  4- Wear a Jacket Over Jeans

An open jacket is an extra-slimming outfit worn over V-neck tops and dark-wash jeans.

  5- Right Fabrics

Always pick cotton, denim, silk, or wool gabardine dress material.

Try jersey, cashmere, fine cotton, and anything with a touch of spandex which helps in to look slim and shape.

Try wearing bulky materials sparingly, like wide-wale corduroy, crushed velvet, metallic, leather, suede, mohair, angora, brocade, taffeta, boucle, satin, fringe, and flannel.

  6- High Ponytail

Starts wear hair up with high ponytail on the back of your head. This help to bring out your bone structure and make your face look thinner and beautiful.

  7- Pick Clean, Streamlined Jeans

Wear simple and unadorned jeans are the way to go. The most suitable styles are dark and feature plain pockets.

  8- Jewelry

Long necklaces add length to a short neck and bring attention away from hips and bring focus toward the front and center of your body. Sparkly cuffs, stacks of bangles, and cocktail rings catch the attention of the eye to wrists instead of upper arms.

  9- Invest in Undergarments that Fits

Most of the women are wearing a wrong-size band and too-small cups, which neither lift nor shape your body. For extra backside coverage, try seamless tangas or cheekies.