10 Common Habits/Things That Could Cause Cancer


Some months before a Indian Bollywood celebrity Sonali Bendre who is well known for its work in many of the Bollywood movies revealed a truth about her life that she is suffering from metastatic cancer of high cancer and some weeks ago also many of the rumors were everywhere either in news, internet and even in newspaper and magazines that Sonali Bendre is dead but all rumors were found to be incorrect  when the truth was revealed by Sonali’s  husband Goldie Behl on twitter  that sonali is absolutely fine she is getting treated somewhere in America. The actress Sonali is not only the one who is suffering or suffered from this serious disease called cancer there are many examples out there like Yuvraj Singh who is a well known cricketer in the world and famous for his 6 sixes in a over. So the many point of this content is not everyone is lucky to win a fight with cancer and not everyone is having that much money to spend on the treatment of cancer. So, you don’t need to worry about  who to do or what not to do in this content you are going to read about  the 10 habits or things which may be used by you in your day to day life but if you improved your  this habits  and stopped buying those things you will be successful in saving you and your family life from this serious disease.

Habits/Things Which Promotes Cancer?


Keeping tomatoes for a long time or using tomatoes after a long time makes a chemical in tomato called Bisphenol-A.  This chemical promotes cancer and helps cancer to spread in the whole body in small duration of time. So, from next time be aware of tomatoes and use only fresh tomatoes which are good for the health.

Processed Meats

The Eating of processed meat promotes cancer because the sauce which comes with the processed meat have a chemical called sodium which keeps the meat fresh for days and this creates sodium nitrate in the meat which helps to promote cancer in the body and doubles the risk of cancer. So, be alert from processed meat from next time.

Microwave Popcorn

Making popcorn in microwave and eating them can lead to a high grade cancer because when popcorn are kept in the microwave a perfuractanoic acid is formed which is responsible for the spreading of cancer in the body. From next time don’t make your popcorn in a microwave simply use the pressure cooker and a gas stove or a induction stove for making them otherwise may be the result will be very bad.

Non-Organic Fruits

The fruits that remain in cold storage for a long period of time can be the part of causing cancer because the chemical layer which is present on the fruits remains their and no one cleans the fruits they simply takes the karate of the fruits and stores them in a cold storage and this chemical layer can actually doubles the risk of cancer and these kinds of fruits must be destroyed after a certain period of time. And next time try to buy only organic and fresh fruits and vegetables. So, that it drops the risk of cancer.

Salmon Fish

Many of you must be the lover of non-veg food and especially of the fish but let me tell you that salmon fish are also the promoter of cancer because when the fisherman catches the salmon after that all the salmon fishes are tucked in a small tank in which water is filled and this water is harmful for the health and when all the fishes are taken out from that tank they deep freeze all the fishes which converts that tank water in poison and this poison is the big promoter of cancer.

Potato Chips

I know potato chips are famous as a time pass and movie snack but did you know that potato chips are also the promoter of cancer and in our country potato chips are packed in wrapper and sold by the different companies and the potato chips have sodium chemical in them which helps the cancer cell to grow very fast.

Frozen Refined

Hydrogenated oils (solid) are obtained by using the chemical action or process from plants and vegetables because of which they contain the high amount of Omega-6 due to which it can lead to cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.


According, to some of the latest researches scientist revealed that eating too much sugar and other sweet stuff like sweets, chocolate etc in which sugar is added to increase their sweetness not only lead to diabetes  but it can also lead to cancer. So, from next time try to eat sugar free stuffs to be healthy without any diseases.

Being Overweight

Being overweight or obese can lead to various types of cancer like breast, kidney, pancreas, esophagus, colon, rectum etc all these types of cancer can be caused if you are overweight. And if you are overweight try to lose your weight by doing exercises, running or going to the gym and eat healthy and fat free food for reducing some weight and change your diet plan.


Formaldehyde is a chemical which is used in glues and in some of the researches scientist had proved that it causes nasal cancer in rats and the international agency for research on cancer declared some time ago that this preserving agent formaldehyde causes cancer in humans too.

So, these were some of the points which can cause cancer and I hope you will get some help from this content.